Updated: Feb 19, 2020

The Jasmine Earrings & La Champanera Wedding blog

February could not have started better and I wanted to show you all the good and exciting news.

Shooting with la Champanera in Madrid - Picture by Cristina de Vaux Photography
“The perfect earrings for a bride to be”

Since Lulufeten was born in early 2019 I was thinking what to do and how to reach out to more people. As some of you might know, Lulufeten is a very small business run by me - I act as a buyer, content creator, photographer, etc - the marketing side of the business is pretty challenging due to lack of skills I posses and also because of the limited budget. Being said this, I believe that small business can become more creative due to this monetary reason and they need to think out the box as they don't have the amount of money that big companies can handle.

All this collaboration with La Champanera (wedding blog and communications agency that receives 1.5 millions of visits yearly) started Last November when I was at home looking at Instagram and I came across with @lachampanera stories preparing the Christmas Editorial for 2019, straight away I had this idea crossing my mind "what if I contact them and I introduce my brand...perhaps they like it"

Very quick that intention became blurred and difficult as obviously my ego started playing with me "oh your brand is not good enough, you don't have a lot of followers, maybe they don't like what you do" - I must confess I let the ego win for a couple of weeks but at the end I thought...well I have nothing to lose, if they say no I will carry on trying.

I decided to email Ana and her team early December and they came back to me saying that the loved my web and the collection! YAY!!!

They selected the Jasmine earrings for the editorial that they were setting up for February but they weren't sure which colour they would use. The team usually picks the styles and colour of accessories in the moments prior the shooting as it is when they have everything and they can see what matches better.

This first collaboration has been a completely dream for me as my brand had the opportunity to be part of an amazing editorial where important brands from the wedding sector in Spain got involved. I love the pictures and the whole idea of being a different bride is very appealing to me.

I hope you like reading about all the process before the collaboration took place, the pictures and the Jasmine earrings indeed!

Lots of love,



Photos @cristina_de_vaux_foto Dress  @marthapeters_atelier

Flowers @bourguignonflor Muah @mgbeauty_es Model @romycapocasale

Shoes @beamadridshoes Stylist @lachampanera

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